Kugelführungen, Rollenlagerführungen, unsichtbare Führungen, Führungen sowohl für die Machinenbau- Holz- und Möbelbranche.

Technical specifications


The load capacity refers to the pair for a static loading, to the drawer maximum width of 600 mm and to the standard lenght of 400 mm. It must be considered purely as a guide, as it depends on many other factors. To know the actual load capacity, it is necessary to perform a test on the end product of which the slides is just a component. As the lenght increases, the load capacity decreases of almost 5 kg. every 50 mm for high profiles and 3,5 kg for low profiles.


This symbol indicates the cycles number in optimum work conditions with a evenly-distributed weight equal to 30% of the stated load capacity for 400 mm length.

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