Ball bearing slides, roller drawer slides, invisible slides, sliding runners for mechanical industry, wood industry and furniture.

Accessories and furniture hardware store

The accessories completing the use of some ball bearing slides and roller drawer slides, besides some furniture hardware store articles, are gathered together in this family.


Console central support

Central support for extendable table console

Drawer stabilizer

Wide drawers stabilizer

Universal soft self-closing device

This device can be applied to all the ball bearing slides and roller slides, if the side space is enough. It can be put just on a side, if the distance between slides is not excessive (almost cm 50).  

Universal push & rebound device

This device can be applied to door panels and also to ball bearing slides and roller slides, as long as the frontal part would not be flush, becasue it needs a push & rebound movement of almost 7/8 mm.  

Furniture hardware store

It deals with hinges for dedicated uses.   
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